Sunday, September 6, 2009

almost 28 but not yet

I'm 27!
That will be the last time I'll be saying that for crying out loud coz tomorrow I'll be 28.
Yipee! We're gonna party like its my bday.
i wanted to throw a big celebration,
party like a rockstar! as if lolz
i'll just invite few friends for dinner
and since tomorrow is a holiday
some would want to stay at home,
i couldn't agree more.
but i unfortunately have a few schedules for work
pictorial for 2 magazines
Aljur for Cosmo
and Aljur and Kris for Best Friend Magazine for Japan
workaholic mode = LEAH

I have so many blessing that I have to THANK GOD for!
For my Family,
Great friends,
my good health ,
my sanity,
I just wish for that special someone!
shucks, cheeseey!
Tomorrow is my birthday!
Thank you.

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